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SEO? Let’s Talk YouTube! The World’s 2nd Largest Search Engine
That’s right – people often overlook YouTube when planning their SEO strategies, but the internet’s video Mecca is also a search engine, and the second largest one at that. That means that any content, i.e. videos that are uploaded should be optimised in order to rank well in search results. Every video your company uploads unto YouTube can be indexed and tagged, thereby increasing the odds of your brand’s name popping up in keyword related search results. Uploading a video will not only improve your rankings within YouTube but within the context of the entire web and the other search engine, Google. Here are some tips to keep in mind when starting up your brand’s SEO-friendly YouTube channel.

Optimizing for YouTube: VSEO

With the exception of a couple of clever advertisements that have managed to go viral, YouTube is not primarily a place for traditional advertising. Instead, people are interested in finding videos that are about your product or service that offer them additional information, help and ideas or even a guide to choosing the right product from your line for their needs. Here it’s about getting creative and understanding what kind of videos your consumers will be searching for in relation to your products or brand.

Now it’s on to the uploading stage. Once you’ve uploaded your video to YouTube, you’ll be asked to fill in the title, description and tags – vital information when it comes to improving your VSEO or Video Search Engine Optimization. In order to rank highly for specific keywords it is important that you include these keywords in your title as well as your descriptions. It’s also a good idea to use the same keyword or phrase more than once. For example, a video your makeup brand just uploaded could be titled: “Foundation: Finding the right foundation for your skin tone” – the word foundation is repeated, which makes it more likely to pop up when people search for that word.

Similarly, descriptions should all be filled out and should include not only keywords but links back to your website. The video description actually shows up in the Google search result and is also used to determine which keywords your video should show for, so make sure that it is a concise, high-quality description of what the video is about. As with website SEO tags are “read” by search engine crawlers to see what the content is about, so be sure to include a number of relevant keywords and phrases. For phrases of more than one word, use quotation marks to indicate that the words are related to one search phrase.

Engaging videos

The videos created by your brand should always aim to be driven by interesting topics and content. No matter how elaborate your keywords and SEO skills, people simply aren’t interested in watching boring, promotional videos. In fact, many SEOs have found that more engaging videos rank higher than boring ones -YouTube determines which videos get watched for longer as opposed to videos where users navigate away after a few seconds. YouTube rewards the more engaging videos by ranking them higher – also giving the users a better experience. Engaging videos are also more likely to be shared and given social signals – so keep up the good work and put some effort into creating informative and entertaining videos.

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