There are lots of SEO Companies in Liverpool for you to choose from, so why on earth should you choose Pete Duffy?

Well, not only do we rank top for the vast majority of Liverpool SEO search terms, not only do we have lots of happy clients who have been kind enough to leave video testimonials, not only do those clients have high ranking sites and phones that never stop thinking – we’ve put together the list of the 5 reasons why you should choose Pete Duffy as your SEO in Liverpool.

(1) There is no “i” in team. We work together, play together and are a real team. All work is done here in-house (our Liverpool Office) and we are ready to speak to you when you call us.

(2) It’s all about results. We don’t ask for long contracts – the bottom line is we’re confident enough not to require them. You will soon see for yourself that we’re results driven and want to stay on board as a customer of ours.

(3) Deadlines. Whether it’s an SEO or PPC campaign, you/we have an idea of when you are looking to be profitable. Here at Pete Duffy we’ll hit the ground running and ensure deadlines are met.

(4) We’re affordable and fair. How many SEO Companies in Liverpool or even the UK don’t insist on a long contract and charge you less until ALL of your keywords hit positions 1-4 on Google? Well this is exactly how we operate.

(5) We’re local, Liverpool to be exact however we have clients as far as New York City (who we speak with twice each week!) Pop in for a cuppa and a chat and we;ll run through how we can help your business.

So there you have it, if you fancy taking a closer look then visit our site

Pete Duffy
1 Clock Tower Park
L10 1LD

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