Hey There, the latest chapter of the Free Digital Marketing Course is LIVE!! In this chapter we do an overview of Search Marketing – SEO and SEM. So, join me as I take you for a spin through the Digital Landscape.

Hi this is Yash here
And welcome to the Digital Marketing Course
today we are talking about Search Marketing
Known as just SEARCH
Search can be Divided into 2 Topics
Organic and Paid
So what is Organic Search
Organic Search is the Free Traffic that you get from
Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing
These are the top 3 Search Engines in the Market today
SEO is a Pretty Hot Topic
Especially amongst the SEO Specialists
They are always obsessed about the latest Google Update
And how it has turned their lives upside down
People who wan tto get into Digital Marketing are also interested in SEO
Because they are heard about the free traffic that SEO can bring to their website or campaigns
And the free visibility or the free marketing that they can garner just by getting Search Engine Optimization Right
It all for a very good reason
In India Google commands 95% of the Search Traffic
Thereby, making it the gateway to the internet for India
What that means is anybody who goes to a website usually passes through Google
And that is a very powerful thing
Another quick fact the Top 5 Ranks that appear on Google usually command 60-65% of the Clicks
What that means is it is going to be a very hotly contested battle for the Top Keyword
Thereby, making a Google a very important part of a Digital Marketers Life
Then there is Paid Search
Also known as Search Engine Marketing
or commonly known as SEM
Like the name suggests it is Marketing
it is Paid
So you pay for the visibility that you want on Google
So why is SEMImportant
1. it is instant, because it is paid. SEO takes some time to build momentum
2. You can complement your SEO activities
3. Because SEO has limitations in attacking Competitor Traffic. People who are searching for your Competitor Brands. SEM can do that
It is Instant, it is quick. It can build momentum very quickly.
4. These days Google allots a lot of Real estate to SEM, earlier SEO was 90% of the Real estate a Search Page. Today that number is pretty low
And this is what a Search Marketing Page looks like today
On top you have the SEM part. Which is the Paid Marketing part, which is the Paid Search
And right at the bottom we have what is known as SEO
This is the FREE ranking, this is what you fight for everyday. This is what you pay your SEO agencies for everyday.
Lets push this back
With Google allocating so much Real Estate to Paid Search. It is not a coincidence that the Paid Search Clicks are day by day increasing in terms of Percentage Contribution
And like I said earlier SEO usually contributes about 60-65% of the search clicks
The remaining is brought in by the Paid Part
So how does Paid Marketing work
Well, if you want to get started in lets take a quick look into Paid Marketing or Paid Search
When you are starting out in SEM, the first tool you will use is the Google Adwords Tool
This where you setup your campaigns for Search Marketing
The Algorithm that Google uses to Rank ads is a Two Factor Process
1. is the Maximum Bid also known as PPC
This is a Bid it is an auction
So the next time your finance manager asks for a Rate Card of Google Adwords
Please tell him its a Real Time bid and there is NO FORMAL RATE CARD
The Other factor is the Quality Score
This is the Number that Google Assigns to your Keywords your Ads and What it thinks is a Relevant Ad for what the user is actually searching for
The factors that affect the Quality Score are multiple. Nobody exactly knows what weightage is given to what factor. But there are very clear indicators
1. The Keyword that is being searched for
2. The Ad that you are displaying and the Words inside that ad
3. The URL of the Landing Page
4. The Content on your Website
That is very important
Content is King when it comes to Search
Content is King when it comes to Social Media
Content is King on the Internet
So when you look at all these factors this is what Google terms as Relevance
And What it thinks of whether your content is relevant to what it’s user is searching for
So there you have it
we have talked about Search Marketing in a very quick way
We have talked about Organic and Paid Search
You should feel confident to talk to your friends and colleagues about what is Search and
what is the Difference between Organic Search and Paid Search
In the next session we will take a quick overview in Social Media Marketing
And from there on it is a deep dive into SEO
So fasten your seat belts because it’s going to get real fast real soon
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