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SEO Services Company based in San Luis Obispo, CA. Web Design that finds it’s way to the top of Google. One way or another. Central Coast Digital Design is the FIRST and ONLY Google Adwords Qualified Individual and Bing Accredited Professional in San Luis Obispo. This video displays our competitive use of video SEO in an effort to gain attention from our prospects. How did you find this video? Did you find it from a Google or Youtube search for SEO Services in San Luis Obispo? Any of the local SEO related keywords should bring you back to Central Coast Digital Design & SEO. Your SEO authority on the Central Coast. To learn more about our seo friendly web design services, visit

Search engine optimization is the process of getting higher levels of exposure on search engines for those that are looking for the products or services which you offer. By gaining higher rankings on popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, you will be able to capture more subscribers, customers, fans and clients. We at Central Coast Digital Design have ranked #1 for keywords such as “seo san luis obispo” for years. Many web designers in San Luis Obispo, CA have tried to gain top rankings with sketchy tactics and unethical black hat SEO hacks. Those web designers who try to gain top rankings for themselves in this way will probably be ill-equipped to rank your website on popular search engines in a permanent and competitive fashion. Promoting your brand and building equity in your business is of paramount importance to those of us at Central Coast Digital Design. That’s why we produce content to help those that want to do their own SEO in San Luis Obispo County. We provide online training and also in person and over the phone consulting for those business owners on the Central Coast who want to take their business size to the next level. By electing to work with Central Coast Digital Design, you’re committed to your online marketing success. No other company has offered a k bounty for anyone who can capture the top spot for search engine keywords such as SEO San Luis Obispo. By performing basic searches, which probably brought you to this very video, you’re able to see that we’re the only web design company in San Luis Obispo CA which has complete prowess over keyword research and search engine optimization domination. We have committed ourselves to your success, and that’s why we have gained so much search engine favor over the years. By promoting a brand which has yielded many 5 star reviews (at this time we’re the only web design firm in San Luis Obispo who has a 5 star Google rating), we’ve proven time and time again that our client’s interests come first. Search Engine Optimization might not be easy, but at Central Coast Digital Design we make gaining new customers for your Central Coast business easier to understand than ever before. Our founder, Justin Morgan, is an SEO expert and has been featured in mainstream media articles such as and other entrepreneurial articles. His competitive nature in the online space has lead many small business owners to this video, and also the website which promotes our message of how we can help your business reach the next level. The home page of the website features an easy to understand video about what we do here at Central Coast Digital Design. You can view this page here:

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