Video SEO (VSEO) – The top 10 ways of How to rank on YouTube using video search engine optimization.

Its not enough to just upload your videos if you want to get top ranking on YouTube, the biggest video search engine in the world, you have to do more and in this video I show you how to rank on YouTube with the top 10 video SEO or VSEO techniques.

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Number 10 : Define your audience 1:22
Number 9 : Buy your way to the Top 2:12
Number 8 : Use your Tags 3:43
Number 7 : Share your videos 4:47
Number 6 : Watch till the end 5:45
Number 5 : Use Captions 6:48
Number 4 : Make you thumbnails stand out 8:32
Number 3 : Put channel name in your tags 9:51
Number 2 : Optimize your title and description 10:59
Number 1 : Like, Share and subscribe 12:08

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19 thoughts on “Video SEO – How to Rank on YouTube. Top 10 ways for VSEO ranking & video search engine optimization

  1. #samuelcameronweavervlogs Love the super technical tutorial. Great video….oh and I liked how you talked about likes, shares, and subscribtions at the end while telling us it's the best place to put it. haha I'm on to you. @MedicEne

  2. Do you think Google+ matters anymore? I mean … it's like the social network EVERYBODY (except Google) would like to disappear.

  3. One of the best videos ive seen for a long time. Great job! I both liked, shared and subscribed. Many of the tips you said i wasent aware of. Im relative new to do creative Youtube channel and i am very niched (I upload World of Warships gameplay and commentary). And i done my research and try and use all the tricks in the book to get more views but im struggling.

    When you talk about Google+, what exactly can i do to use this in the most efficient way?

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