What is Search Engine Optimization?

Hi, I’m Cindy the Social Network Princess and today we are answering the question What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is an internet marketing strategy that makes it easier for your website and information about your products and services to be found on the internet. The goal is to increase traffic to marketing copy about your business and, as a result, increase conversions and sales. SEO should serve as the backbone of any internet marketing campaign you run and, when done correctly, will help your business rank high and be positioned well in searches.

In order to create a powerful SEO campaign, an SEO team will need to take many factors into consideration. An initial meeting between an SEO expert and your corporate management will help the internet marketing team determine the composition of your industry, the makeup of your customer, search statistics, and the advertising media that you plan to target, such as Google Search or Facebook.

After the initial meeting, the next part of an SEO campaign involves an analysis of your domain name and server, the writing of advertising copy for all of your online materials, and the editing of your website content, code, and structure. The goal is to improve the classification and appeal of your website to the search engines, providing them an easier job of matching your business to the intent of the customers who will be looking for you online.

Effective SEO techniques rely heavily upon content creation and content marketing strategies to help get the word out about your business and website. A competent SEO team will utilize many professionals who work in unison according to the SEO strategy. The team will often include a website designer, web developer, internet marketing expert, and a content writer with and advanced knowledge of how SEO applies to written marketing copy. These professionals will create articles, videos, marketing graphics, and other interesting content that your ideal customer base will be interested in, resulting in greater lead generation for your business.

The quality of your SEO not only impacts search, it also has a profound impact on the success of your paid search engine marketing campaigns. If your goal is to attract more customers from the internet, having better SEO than your industry competitors and maintaining your SEO campaign on a regular basis is crucial.

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