If you are wondering how to get on the first page as a small youtube channel this video is for you. Youtube Ranking | How To Get On First Page With SEO ( search engine optimization). In this video I will give you a few youtube seo tips for 2017. Basically, when people do a youtube search the videos that show up on the first page show up in order of relavancy. The way they get there is by youtube ranking. Everyone should rank youtube videos that they make especially if you are a small channel . When you rank youtube videos that is what controls where your youtube video shows up when people search for a specific topic. No matter how large your channel is or how small you can use youtube SEO in order to get on the first page of the search results which. Getting on the first page of youtube is something we all want for our channels. Being on the first page in the search result ultimately helps you get more views which increases your watchtime, helps get you more subscribers and ultimately helps to grow your channel since people can actually find you. So, as you can see youtube ranking is very important. The youtube ranking of your video is how your youtube video is found when people search for it. Youtube is basically a search engine for videos and just like google, when you search for a specific word or term it searches and finds the video and places your video in order of relevency. Meaning that regardelss of how large your channel is you have a change to get on the first page of the search results by using youtube seo to boost your youtube ranking. Speaking of Google one other benefit to using SEO ( search engine optimization) for youtube ranking with your youtube title , description , and tags is that is will also help Google to find your video when someone searches for your keyword tags meaning a better chance that your youtube ranking will be higher and you will have a better chance of getting on the first page with seo. This video Youtube Ranking | How To Get On The First Page With SEO is about how to rank youtube videos using seo. Again, SEO stands for search engine optimization. In this tutorial video I share the tips I used to get my videos to show up on the first page with a high youtube ranking in the search using youtube analytics, google keyword planner, and the youtube search bar. These 3 good tools will have you on your way to showing up on the first page of the youtube search boosting your youtube ranking. It is amazing how many youtubers are unaware, or don’t realize how important the description, tag, and titles are for their video. By carefully selcting the right keywords this is the only way for your video to be found by search whether it is the youtube search or google or even any other search engine online. This is especially true when you are a new youtube that doesn’t have millions of subscribers. Rank your youtube videos to help you get there with all the youtube seo tips for 2017 in this video

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